'Strangers' Vs. 'Purge'

Movie Summary
The Strangers

The Purge
StudioRogue PicturesUniversal
Release DateMay 30, 2008June 7, 2013
Domestic Gross$52,597,610$64,473,115
Production Budget$9 million$3 million
Running Time1 hr. 47 min.1 hr. 25 min.
MPAA Reasonviolence/terror and languagestrong disturbing violence and some language.

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Domestic SummaryThe StrangersThe Purge
Total Gross$52,597,610$64,473,115
Opening Weekend*$20,997,985$34,058,360
Opening % of Total39.9%52.8%
Second Weekend Drop-57.4%-75.6%
Widest Release2,4772,591
Close DateJuly 24, 2008August 8, 2013
In Release56 days / 8 weeks63 days / 9 weeks
*Note: If a movie opened in limited release and later went wide, data from the first wide weekend of release is used.
Worldwide SummaryThe StrangersThe Purge
Worldwide Gross$82,391,145$89,328,627
Foreign Gross$29,793,535$24,855,512
Foreign % of Worldwide36.2%27.8%
Domestic Gross$52,597,610$64,473,115
Domestic % of Worldwide63.8%72.2%
Genres & FranchisesThe StrangersThe Purge
Showdown: 'Strangers' Vs. 'Purge'#2#1
Chart RankingsThe StrangersThe Purge
All Time Domestic#1309#1026
Opening Weeks#683#365
Opening Weekends#681#308
Smallest Drops, 2,000+ theaters (Very Wide)#1610#1952
Smallest Drops, All Wide Releases#3375#3945
Rated R, Opening Weekends#168#44
Opening Weeks Adjusted#923#599
Opening Weekends Adjusted#911#514
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