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January (Details)
The Nut Job 2 (ORF) - 1/15
Ride Along 2 (Uni.) - 1/15

February (Details)
Gods of Egypt (LG/S) - 2/12
How to Be Single (WB) - 2/12
The Untitled Pets Project (Uni.) - 2/12

March (Details)
Untitled Disney Animation (2016) (BV) - 3/4
Untitled Ridley Scott Project (Fox) - 3/4
Warcraft (Uni.) - 3/11
Allegiant - Part 1 (LG/S) - 3/18
Mumbai Musical (Working Title) (Fox) - 3/18
Goosebumps (Sony) - 3/23

April (Details)
The Mummy (2016) (Uni.) - 4/22

May (Details)
Captain America 3 (BV) - 5/6
Untitled Superman/Batman Film (WB) - 5/6
Alice in Wonderland 2 (BV) - 5/27
X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox) - 5/27

June (Details)
The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Sony) - 6/10
Finding Dory (BV) - 6/17
How to Train Your Dragon 3 (Fox) - 6/17

July (Details)
Angry Birds (Sony) - 7/1
Independence Day 2 (Fox) - 7/1
Tarzan (2016) (WB) - 7/1
Marvel Untitled (July 2016) (BV) - 7/8
Ice Age 5 (Fox) - 7/15
King Arthur (2016) (WB) - 7/22
Untitled Planet of the Apes (Fox) - 7/29

September (Details)
SPA TBA (2016) (Sony) - 9/23

October (Details)
A Monster Calls (Focus) - 10/14

November (Details)
Trolls (Fox) - 11/4
Untitled Disney Animation (Nov. 2016) (BV) - 11/23

December (Details)
Untitled Illumination Entertainment (2016) (Uni.) - 12/21

2017 & Beyond
Untitled Wolverine(Fox) - 3/3/17
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (March 2017)(Fox) - 3/10/17
Allegiant - Part 2(LG/S) - 3/24/17
Ferdinand(Fox) - 4/7/17
Marvel Untitled (2017)(BV) - 5/5/17
Untitled LEGO Movie(WB) - 5/26/17
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (June 2017)(Fox) - 6/16/17
Untitled Pixar Animation (2017)(BV) - 6/16/17
Despicable Me 3(Uni.) - 6/30/17
The Fantastic Four 2(Fox) - 7/14/17
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (July 2017)(Fox) - 7/21/17
SPA TBA (2017)(Sony) - 9/22/17
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (November 2017)(Fox) - 11/3/17
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2017)(Uni.) - 11/17/17
Untitled Pixar Animation (Nov. 2017)(BV) - 11/22/17
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (December 2017)(Fox) - 12/20/17
Untitled Disney Animation (2018)(BV) - 3/9/18
Anubis(Fox) - 3/23/18
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (March 2018)(Fox) - 3/23/18
The Amazing Spider-Man 4(Sony) - 5/4/18
Untitled Pixar Animation (2018)(BV) - 6/15/18
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (June 2018)(Fox) - 6/29/18
Untitled Fox / Marvel(Fox) - 7/13/18
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (July 2018)(Fox) - 7/20/18
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (November 2018)(Fox) - 11/2/18
Untitled Disney Animation (Nov. 2018)(BV) - 11/21/18
Untitled Fox/DWA/Blue Sky (December 2018)(Fox) - 12/21/18

Undetermined Releases
7500 (CBS)
Abel (LGF)
Alien Love Triangle (Mira.)
Americanese (IFC)
Arthur & Lancelot (WB)
Ballers (Uni.)
Beautiful Girl (SGem)
Bobbie Sue (WB)
The Brazilian Job (a.k.a. The Italian Job II) (Par.)
Dallas (Fox)
Destricted (IFC)
Dirty Dancing (2013) (LGF)
A Dog Year (PicH)
The Factory (WB)
The Fox and the Child (PicH)
Friday the 13th Part 2 in 3D (WB)
Gambit (CBS)
Goose on the Loose! (Free)
Grace of Monaco (Wein.)
Halloween 3D (W/Dim.)
The Harry Hill Movie (N/A)
Haunts (Fox)
Hippie Hippie Shake (Uni.)
Humans Vs. Zombies (N/A)
Hunter Killer (Rela.)
The Ice at the Bottom of the World (PicH)
In Her Skin (IFC)
Independence Day 3D (Fox)
The Intruder (SGem)
Invertigo (Sony)
Johanna (Tar.)
Jolly LLB (FIP)
Justin and the Knights of Valour (N/A)
King of the Elves (N/A)
Late Bloomer (WB)
The Lazarus Child (WB)
Leo the Lion (Wein.)
A Little Game (Focus)
The Little Mermaid (3D) (N/A)
Maps to the Stars (N/A)
Mardi Gras (SGem)
Marvin the Martian (WB)
Master of Time and Space (P/DW)
Me and My Shadow (Fox)
The Mistaken (SGem)
Mommy and Me (Sony)
Mortdecai (LGF)
Nerveracker (W/Dim.)
newt (N/A)
Night of the Demons (2009) (7Arts)
Nothing But the Truth (YFG)
Opus: The Last Christmas (Wein.)
Paradise Lost (2013) (WB)
Passengers (2015) (W/Dim.)
Phenom (SGem)
Phineas and Ferb (N/A)
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (BV)
Poltergeist (2011) (MGM)
Possession (2009) (YFG)
The Red Canvas (Free)
Ripley's Believe It or Not (Par.)
Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex (W/Dim.)
Robopocalypse (N/A)
Root of All Evil (SGem)
Saigon Eclipse (Indic.)
Santapprentice (Wein.)
Satanic (Wein.)
Sci Fi Movie (W/Dim.)
Shanghai (Wein.)
Singularity (Sony)
Skank Robbers (SGem)
The Smoker (Par.)
So Undercover (Wein.)
Spin (2009) (Blow.)
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (3D) (Fox)
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (3D) (Fox)
Stretch (Uni.)
Stretch Armstrong (Rela.)
Sunshine on Leith (N/A)
Super Secret Ghost Project (untitled as of yet) (P/DW)
Tales From the Golden Age (IFC)
The Trick or Treaters (Wein.)
The Trip to Italy (IFC)
Truckers (working title) (P/DW)
Untitled Henry Selick Film (N/A)
Untitled Pixar Animation (2016) (BV)
The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dia De Los Muertos (BV)
Used Guys (Fox)
Venus in Fur (IFC)
When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep (CL)
Which Way Home (N/A)
Wild Child (Uni.)
The Wild Hunt (Hann.)
Wonder Woman (WB)

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