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9/27/14 Friday Report: Denzel's 'Equalizer' Dominates With $12.6 Million
9/24/14 Forecast: Odds Favor Denzel's 'The Equalizer' This Weekend
9/21/14 Weekend Report: 'Maze Runner' Franchise Off to Strong Start
9/20/14 Friday Report: 'Maze Runner' Quick Out of the Gate
9/18/14 Forecast: 'Maze Runner' on Track for Big First Place Debut
9/14/14 Weekend Report: 'No Good Deed' Succeeds, 'Guardians' Passes $300 Million
9/13/14 Friday Report: 'No Good Deed' Defeats 'Dolphin Tale' Sequel
9/11/14 Forecast: 'Dolphin Tale,' 'No Good Deed' to Lead Another Quiet Weekend
9/10/14 Grading Mojo's Summer 2014 Forecast
9/10/14 Grading Mojo's Summer 2014 Forecast (cont.)
9/7/14 Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Holds Top Spot on Slowest Weekend in Six Years
9/6/14 Friday Report: 'Guardians' Rules, 'Identical' Flops
9/4/14 Forecast: 'Guardians' Set to Three-peat Against 'The Identical'
9/2/14 'Guardians,' 'Turtles' Lead August To Record $1 Billion Haul
8/31/14 Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Easily Tops Weak Labor Day Releases
8/30/14 Friday Report: 'Guardians' Is Now the Highest-Grossing Movie of the Year
8/24/14 Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Becomes Biggest Movie of the Summer
8/23/14 Friday Report: 'If I Stay' Ascends to First Ahead of 'Sin City' Debacle
8/20/14 Forecast: Long Delay Will Slay 'Sin City' Sequel This Weekend
8/17/14 Weekend Report: 'Turtles,' 'Guardians' Crush Weak 'Expendables'
8/16/14 Friday Report: 'Turtles' Hangs On to First, 'Expendables' Tanks
8/14/14 Forecast: 'Expendables' To Battle 'Turtles,' 'Guardians' This Weekend
8/10/14 Weekend Report: 'Turtle' Power
8/10/14 Weekend Report (cont.): 'Hundred-Foot Journey,' 'Step Up' and Around-the-World Roundup
8/9/14 Friday Report: 'Ninja Turtles' Shreds Competition on Friday
8/7/14 Forecast: Will 'Ninja Turtles' Take Down 'Guardians' This Weekend?
8/3/14 Weekend Report: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Obliterates August Record
8/3/14 Weekend Report (cont.): 'Transformers' Joins $1 Billion Club
8/2/14 Friday Report: 'Guardians' Stuns with $37.8 Million Opening Day
8/1/14 July Box Office Falls Short of $1 Billion
7/31/14 Forecast: 'Guardians' To Take Off With August Record
7/27/14 Weekend Report: ‘Lucy' Wins Brain vs. Brawn Battle
7/27/14 Weekend Report (cont.): 'Most Wanted Man' Cracks the Top 10, 'Apes' Rules Overseas
7/26/14 Friday Report: 'Lucy' Kills with $17.1 Million
7/24/14 Forecast: 'Lucy' to Beat Up 'Hercules' This Weekend
7/20/14 Weekend Report: 'Apes' Rules Again
7/19/14 Friday Report: 'Purge' Slays, 'Sex Tape' Disappoints on Friday
7/17/14 Forecast: 'Purge,' 'Sex Tape' Challenge 'Apes'
7/15/14 Fox is First Studio to Reach $1 Billion in 2014
7/13/14 Weekend Report: 'Apes' Goes Bananas
7/12/14 Friday Report: 'Apes' Strong on Opening Day
7/10/14 Forecast: 'Apes' Sequel Swings In to Theaters This Weekend
7/8/14 'Transformers' Becomes Highest-Grossing Movie Ever in China
7/6/14 Weekend Report: 'Transformers' Repeats On Weak Independence Day Weekend
7/4/14 Friday Report: 'Transformers' Leads Quiet Fourth of July
7/2/14 Forecast: 'Transformers' to Take Out 'Tammy' Over July 4th Weekend
7/1/14 June Box Office Down 16 Percent From Last Year's Record
6/29/14 Weekend Report: Fourth 'Transformers' Opens to $300 Million Worldwide
6/27/14 Friday Report: 'Transformers' On Track for Over $100 Million This Weekend
6/26/14 Forecast: Fourth 'Transformers' to Fight Off Franchise's 'Extinction' This Weekend
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11/23 Weekend Report: 'Mockingjay' Can't Catch 'Fire'
11/22 Friday Report: 'Mockingjay' Spreads Its Wings with $55 Million
11/20 Forecast: Will 'Mockingjay' Open Over $150 Million This Weekend?
11/16 Weekend Report: 'Dumb' Sequel Takes First Ahead of 'Big Hero 6,' 'Interstellar'
11/16 Around-the-World Roundup: 'Interstellar' Scores in China, Adds $106 Million Overseas
11/15 Friday Report: 'Dumber' Sequel Leads with $14.2 Million
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